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Time Recorders, Time Clocks, Date & Time Stamps, Biometric / Fingerprint Terminals, Wall Clocks

Mechanical Time Recorders

Lathem Time 4000 Series Heavy Duty Automatic Time RecordersIdeal for payroll time or job costing, these recorders offer rugged design that can withstand high volume use and harsh environments.  Featuring automatic activation, the electric coil print mechanism allows for simple one-hand operation, and instant registrations.

Automatic Calculating Time Clocks

Amano MJR8000 Employee Time Computer ClockEmployee calculating time clocks can totals hours up to 250 employees, automatically calculate employee hours through consistent application of payroll policies, accept unlimited number of punches per day, automatic breaks and lunch deduction, and accommodate weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods.

Automatic Date and Time Stamps

Lathem Model LT Series Time / Date / Number Stamps What time?  Which day?  When did we get it?  How many?  Have we got proof?  Use Date and Time Stamps to document these questions, and you have all the information you need – in writing.  Our systems include dual registration, which allows automatic or manual time stamping.  There are repeat and advance numbering, easy to read clocks, and options for customized die plates that let users imprint additional information above or below the registration line.

Biometric and Fingerprint Terminals

Lathem TS100 Touchstation Bbiometric Time SystemVerifies the employee's identity in less than one second. Buddy punching and time fraud are eliminated, thereby reducing payroll costs. Calculates the hours for up to 500 employees.

Synchronized Wall Clock Systems

RC Series Wireless Wall ClocksThese clock solutions include products which access the accurate date and time signal transmitted each second by 24 satellites in geosynchronous orbit around the globe and retransmits the signal to selected devices.  Units include choices with standard faces and LED displays.